Bogan Ghost

bogan ghost

Instrumental noise technicians Anthea Caddy (AU) and Liz Allbee (USA) unite in this uncompromising duo. Within the extremes of noise and silence, instrumental abstraction and amplification become central. Focusing on the sepulchral and harsh qualities of cello and trumpet rendered in an electro-acoustic space, Bogan Ghost travels between multiple speaker amplification and the acoustic room, building an unnerving, multi-layered and shadowy sound world. Bogan Ghost have performed at Festival Cablé, France, West Germany & Bend Break Festival, Berlin, KunstCentrum Belgie, Hasselt and BauHaus Brussels. They were featured on the Echtzeitmusik compilation CD out on Mikroton Records.


A4 - Space for Contemporary Culture
Karpatsk√° 2 (YMCA Building)