duo pantoMorf



Swedish electronic improvisers Palle Dahlstedt and Per Anders Nilsson play electronic instruments of their own design as electronic free impro duo and a research project. Beginning in 2006, they have actively developed new ways of controlling electronic sound. The video shows an improvisation on two instances of the instrument “the expressure pad”, which has become their main performance instrument. Based on a completely novel way of mapping gesture to sound, it allows enormous timberal flexibility and expressive fingertip control at the same time. Both members have a background as musicians on traditional instruments, and this duo is a results of their efforts in bringing back musicianship into electronic music, that is, to be able to play electronic sounds as directly as acoustic instruments. One dogm is: If we lift our hands, the instrument goes quiet. That means, there are no pre-programmed processes, and every sound nuance corresponds to a physical gesture from the musician.



A4 - Space for Contemporary Culture
Karpatská 2 (YMCA Building)