Rashad Becker


Something of a rock star in the field of mastering. As engineer at Berlin’s Dubplates & Mastering, Rashad Becker has mastered and cut at least 1200 dance, electronic, and experimental albums. He’s a household name to the sort of obsessives who pay attention to the esoteric squiggles etched into the dead wax of techno 12-inches, and his credit on a record is a stamp of approval not entirely unlike a Hard Wax TIP! He is working in his own studio, which he calls Clunk and made one of the most discussed albums in 2013. Like plenty of great literature, album Traditional Music Of Notional Species Vol. 1, Rashad Becker’s full-length debut on PAN, is a challenge. A seasick suite of buzzes, rumbles, growls and blasts unconstrained by any easily identifiable melodic or rhythmic structures.



A4 - Space for Contemporary Culture
Karpatská 2 (YMCA Building)