–> 18.20 Myriam Bleau Artist Talk –> SNG

Prezentácia projektu Soft Revolvers kanadskej umelkyne s následnou diskusiou. V rámci Hackathonu v spolupráci so Slovenskou národnou galériou.

–> 19.00 Koncerty –> A4

Adam Donovan

I am a hybrid media artist working in the area of science, art and technology. My artwork incorporates Nonlinear Acoustics, robotic sculpture, Game Engine Environments and camera tracking. My work is often inspired by my personal attachment to machines and the intangible aspects of physics we experience every day. I explore these phenomena amplifying their […]



Eduardo Raon

Although he has a classical harp education, Raon has always been unsatisfied standing with both feet on a recognizable ground. Rock,contemporary, experimental, noise, pop, retro and electronic music are all part of a kaleidoscopic baggage brought by Eduardo Raon onstage. Either improvising, composing or interpreting, with a mixed attitude that oscillates between the visceral and […]


Bristol based production project formed in 2005 by James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas. Working across performance, installation and the moving image the project examines the physical properties of sound, through electromagnetism, architecture and process based image making. Their work considers the legacy of analogue media reflecting upon structural/materialist art production and the perceptual boundaries between […]


A4 - Space for Contemporary Culture
Karpatská 2 (YMCA Building)